India Smythe In Love?

  • India Smythe In Love?

The hilarious second instalment in the brilliant India Smythe series.

An ashen-faced Rich reappeared from the garage with my dad.
‘Great news,’ he stammered. ‘Your Dad’s decided to join my

14-year-old India Smythe finally has a boyfriend. She’s got together
with Rich Evans, the kind orchestra geek with the extra-long
forehead. But life still isn’t easy; not when you have to deal with
meet-the-parents dinners, revision techniques that go horribly
wrong, smug tutors who think you fancy them and online love
surveys that ask if your boyfriend is more lion or chipmunk. And
when the world starts hurtling towards lockdown, how is India
supposed to find the time to work out the most important issue of all: is she in love?

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